The Downside of Social Media

The Downside of Social Media


People were using the internet to socialize long before the modern ‘social media’ came into existence. Be it talking in comments and messages on blogs or chatting up the chatrooms of the early days. The social media, as we know it, came into existence in the early 90s. Though, it was not as addictive as the social sites of today. The real social media boom began with the dawn of smartphones. As smartphones were literally mobile computers, that meant that they were portable and you could connect to your social media no matter where you are. That is when social media took over our lives and some part of physical interaction.

There are many advantages of social media, and it has its fair share of positive impacts on our lives. Although, at the same time, social media is also responsible for many a problem and (in extreme cases) for the deaths of numerous people.

Everything has both a good and an evil side; today, let us talk about the dark side of social networking.

The 6 Worst Downsides of Social Media

No more face-to-face communication:

The first and major of all issues is the lack of physical connection present between two humans. People get use to the virtual environment of talking and expressing themselves. This leads to several problems, including the development of one’s character and the lack of confidence to speak in a real-life situation.

Lack of emotional or a real connection:

The problem with communicating via gadgets is the lack of emotional and genuine connection. People don’t really feel the state of the person. This causes people to lack empathy for others. You’re not sharing real-life experiences that will grow into your memories forever. People don’t really get to care for each other online, and eventually forget each other with time.

Misinterpretations and Misunderstandings:

This is a significant problem these days and causes many fights online and in real life. People misunderstand or misinterpret a message or a text which leads to many problems. People are growing apart because of this. Many friendships, even families, are broken because of miscommunication. The reason behind this is the absence of medium to recognize the facial or micro expressions or even the body language of the person that speaks.

Increased Bullying and Hurtful Comments:

Social media gives people a chance to become someone else. Considering the problems as mentioned above and many others, such as lack of identity, location, and differences between people. People online are more hurtful towards each other and will say such evil things that are not possible for a sane person to say in a physical society. Similarly, they will take part in actions and feats that are considered evil or a taboo in the physical world.

A fake image of oneself and others:

Relating to the problem above, this is a core cause of depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation in the current generation. People share only the good and “photoshopped” version of things online. They appear to be happy, perfect, and wealthy. This causes mental problems and complexes when people are not able to achieve this faux status in the real world.


It is best to detoxify ourselves of the social media madness completely. Since it can be tough for some of us; then we should set up some ground rules and set a specific set of times when we allow ourselves to be online. It is also a good suggestion that the government should ban social media for kids and teens that are not of legal age. However, until it happens, we should use monitoring apps like the mSpy UK to keep an eye out for our children.

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