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It has recently been brought to our interest that a poster over at the reputable GameSpot forums have posted a hugelisting ultra-modern unreleased records about the future title, Grand theft auto V. via a submit, that has because been deleted through the forum moderators over on the GameSpot discussion boardtogether with the poster, a consumer by way of the name brand new Gloggle has revealed that he is a friend present day an ex-RockStar employee that turned into fired for misconduct. Now, it seems that the ex-RockStar worker now has the intentions today’s leaking statistics on GTA V.
As for the data that became indexedyou can locate the put up as a whole underneath or you can view a Google cache version here.
good day!​
i am a pal cutting-edge a person who these days got sacked from RockStar North for standard misconduct.​
because one contract to RockStar covered the entiretyincluding secrecy, and his contractual obligaton turned into now removed, he was legally allowed to spill the beans on Rockstar’s upcoming gta 5 key. And he is making damn certain all and sundrymodern knows approximately it.​
here is the info you actually need:​
1. The protagonist could be one man or woman, and one person alone. His name is (as a few rumours said) Albert De Silva. he’s a 1/2 hispanic guy who was once brand new brand newfense state-of-the-art in Vice metropolis. He determined to calm down and feature children in Los Santos. He has one son referred to as Kevin De Silva who’s your stereotypical CoD playerhe is lazy, vain and shouts racial abuse on-line and is without a doubt into FPS games. Kevin does recognize his Dad even though.​
2. Multiplayer will preserve 32 human beings on the Xbox and PS3. I wasn’t advised what number of were capable of be on the laptopsimilar to in RDR, players can be capable of shape Gangs. those gangs aren’t ranked via XP anymore, butthrough popularityin preference to gang hideouts, you could do jobs that range from robbing a launderette to breaking right into a military base and stealing 49a2d564f1275e1c4e633abc331547db weaponary. the group leader has a lot extramanage over his or her gang by being capable of rank individuals of their gang and placing extra specific targets to specific individuals in their gang. Gangs could have their own terratory however this simplest applies to regions inside the town modern day Los Santos.​
3. The map is set 5x as large as the GTA IV map and the town modern Los Santos takes up simply beneath 1/2 modern this area (so it’s a piece larger than 2 GTA IV Liberty cities).​
The map is (like maximum GTAs) seperated into three unique sections. 4. Planes are flyable, they variety from globalconflict 2 fighter planes to personal Jets.​
fivemotors and guns are customisable to an quantityfor instanceyou can cusomise a gun to have a supressor on it and you could deploy nitrous into cars.​
right here‘s a few stuff you would possibly like:​
1. The protagonist is the “rich man” from the GTA V debut trailer. You get to research greater about this guy within the 2dwhile he talks approximately his problems. You handiest see the protagonist two times within the trailer. First time is the side contemporary his face and 2nd time is whilst he’s riding a Deceptor (Audi R8). The people robbing the jewellery shopare simply with the protagonist. he is riding the van geared up to get away.​
2. Gunfights are more sensiblewhilst you are shooting a gun out today’s a window modern day a carrelying on how speedy it is going you may have issues aiming trendy shaking cameras.​
threethe sport is due in may also 2013. A greater specific date has now not been determined because the sport is stillneeding 6 months to be absolutely developedthey’ll have a playable demo at E3.​
4. Police chases at the moment are manner greater than either jogging or usingrelying on how wanted you are, police may additionally bring out rebel shields and flash bangs. fivewhile a person reaches four superstar desired stage, there will be a radio warning on a few stations.​
6. Radio stations now do traffic reviews which can be virtually correct. So if you don’t know what direction to take, you may test the traffic reviews in your phone or the radio. 7. The in-sport television now has many extra channels​
8. The protagonist DOES not die in contrast to in the last two Rockstar video games.​
nine. The underworld sincerely has a running economy that you can make contributions too with the aid of shopping forand selling capsulesguns and unlawful cars in single player.​
10. The protagonist can take tablets for you to have a few effectshowever smoking weed on the streetwalk will lead togetting a one famous person desired level.​
eleven. Police cars will go after you if you‘re obviousely breaking the rate restrict. Having high velocity crashes will evenharm your fitness.​
wanted stages:​
celebrity – police observe you on foot and try and make an arrest. No sirens, no vehicle chases (except you are rushing).​
famous person – police will nonetheless try to make an arrest. If a weapon is drawn then the police will start startinghearth. Police will use stun guns if a weapon isn’t drawn.​
3 celebrity – Chases begin and the police do not care how they forestall you, they just want to do it.​
four megastar – road traps, radio stations and lots greater antagonistic police.Even when you have avoided them, they’llnevertheless search for 24 in-sport hours for someone matching your description.​
5 big name – shoot to kill, arrest only if it is made very possible. Even when you have avoided them, they may nonethelesssearch for forty eight in-recreation hours for a person matching your description. Few missions turn out to be unavailable if you are wanted.​
star – navy automobiles come after you. Even when you have refrained from them, they’ll still look for seventy two in-game hours for someone matching your description. some missions grow to be unavailable in case you are desired.​
analyzing through the recordsyou’ll be aware that it’s far very comprehensive, as all the info and capabilities indexedseem to make sense and would work well inside the next installment brand new the GTA franchise. butconsidering this facts isn’t in any respect showed, this ought to still be taken as a rumor, so take it for what it’s far and not anything extra.

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